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Board Member Qualifications

To become a member of the CALCRA Board of Directors, you must be a resident of a California CCRC and a CALCRA member in good standing. You should have a working knowledge of retirement communities and industry trends and be willing to share your observations of social and economic trends affecting the retirement community industry during board meetings. You should also have demonstrated an interest in community service and the ability to command the confidence of your fellow CCRC residents. We look for board members with strong interpersonal and communications skills with the willingness to commit time, energy and resources to CALCRA, and the ability to accept and support group decisions. You should be able to listen to, comprehend, and respect other’s viewpoints and communicate clearly orally and in writing, including email. Above all, we seek honest, loyal, prudent and ethical individuals to help lead our organization. Board members are elected in October to three-year terms, and as necessary to fill vacancies.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Commit to supporting CALCRA’s mission and goals, representing our membership in your actions and judgment as a board member

  • Become familiar with CALCRA Bylaws, policies, financial statements and operational procedures

  • Have, or gain, an understanding of relevant sections of the Health & Safety Code, as well as the regulatory structure of CCRCs in California

  • Prepare for and attend biannual board meetings, held in Northern California in the Fall, and in Southern California in the Spring, and participate in periodic conference calls

  • Volunteer for at least one board committee

  • Support board decisions and, when required, respect the confidentiality of board business

  • Serve as mentor and teacher to future board members

If you are interested in serving on the CALCRA Board of Directors, please complete and submit this self-nomination form.

Become a CALCRA Contact

A CALCRA Contact is an active member who serves as a facility’s CALCRA representative, answering questions from members or the public regarding their CCRC facility or our organization. Contacts also usually coordinate and conduct membership drives. If you are a member in a facility that does not currently have a contact and are interested in volunteering, please contact Margaret Griffin at (916) 573-1247 or info@calcra.org for more information or use our online contact form to connect.